Get The Professional Pool Cleaning Services In The Woodlands, TX

Swimming pools are a usual part of any neighborhood or community’s clubhouse where residents can come together for an afternoon gathering or tea party with friends. Small children can spend their free time swimming and playing in the water with their friends. And because everyone is using it, the swimming pools need regular cleaning and maintenance. Thus, you can find a number of pool cleaning services in the Woodlands, TX.

Why Does A Swimming Pool Professional Cleaning?

Admittedly, a swimming pool is a huge investment. And the expenses related to it do not end with filling it with gallons of water. It needs proper care and maintenance just like any other equipment or facility.

The swimming pool has various parts and its huge size can be difficult to maintain. That is why it requires the cleaning services of a professional like the pool cleaning services in the Woodlands, TX.

Here are specific reasons why it needs professional cleaning.

  • Unreachable or hard to reach parts of the pool – The pool is big, regardless of its shape. Though your pool has an automatic cleaning system, this is not enough because of the areas that cannot be reached by it. In fact, in addition to having a pool vacuum, you also need a manual brush to scrub the walls of the pool that cannot be fully cleaned by the system. Also, the automatic cleaner is responsible only for the circulation of the water. A professional cleaning service man will do a great job at this.
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  • Growth of algae – This is a normal occurrence in swimming pools that are not maintained well and cleaned regularly. The presence of these algae can cause the wear and tear of the filtration system, which can ultimately destroy it. Thus, algae have to be removed and a professional cleaner can do that.
  • Organic wastes – If your pool is an outdoor type, then leaves and other debris might fall into it. And when there are parties and children swim there a lot of times, food particles may fall into it too. These cannot simply be removed by draining the water because that can be expensive. A chemical procedure will do the trick, which can only be performed by a professional pool cleaner.
  • Proper sanitation and disinfection of the water – Ever wonder why your swimming pool water’s color is blue? Why does it not turn green or any other color? The reason is that, there is a chemical mixed into the water that disinfects it. Likewise, also a certain proportion or ratio has to be followed for the water to become safe for swimming.
  • It has to be done regularly. The fifth reason why you need professional pool cleaning services in the Woodlands, TX is that it is time-consuming and it needs to be done regularly. Rather than using up your entire weekend just to clean your pool, you would rather pay someone to do it for you. Plus, if you hire a professional, you will not have to worry about accuracy and speed of work.

Pool cleaning services in Woodlands, TX is becoming more in demand. That is why you do not have to worry about looking for someone to maintain your pool. With a Woodlands professional pool cleaning service provider, you are assured that you are swimming in clean and safe waters.

Take Care Of Your Hot Tub

Get Spa Repair In The Woodlands, TX

Enjoying a spa is a privilege. Being able to soak your body and letting it unite with this element can be relaxing, soothing, and even calming. However, having to drive towards a spa shop to get this and driving back home can be tedious and pointless. That is why it is always preferred to have your own spa or hot tub in the house. And to let it stay functional and clean, you need to maintain it through any spa repair in the Woodlands, TX.

Get To Know Your Hot Tub

Before you start to enjoy your hot tub, you have to be familiar with it in order that you may maximize its use and get your money’s worth. Aside from that, it would also help you understand its mechanisms and know how it operates so that you can take care of it. There are some basic components of your hot tub. These are the mechanical and electrical systems, shell, and frame and cabinet.

Mechanical And Electrical Systems

These systems are further composed of the spa controller, spa blower, spa motor, spa pump, and spa heater. Then, there are also the spa ozonator and spa filter system. When the hot tub does not turn on or heat the water, then you need to look into the mechanical and electrical systems when troubleshooting it.


The shell is the main part of the tub that holds in water. This has been especially designed to last about 30 to 40 years. However, you need to be careful not to cause any cracks to it; otherwise, it can cause water leakage. Certain cracks can be fixed though by a provider of spa repair in the Woodlands, TX. But cracks that are large and those that are called spider cracks may be difficult to fix already.

Frame And Cabinet

These two are normally made of wood or plastic. However, it is they who hold the shell which in turn holds the water in. Therefore, if it is damaged, it might also lead to the damage of the shell itself. When this happens, call the services of a carpenter to avoid leaking which will require spa repair in the Woodlands, TX.

When Do You Call A Specialist To Repair Your Spa?

There is no specific time to call a spa repair. You do not wait for the damage to worsen. The moment you sense something wrong with your hot tub, and then find the nearest spa repair service provider in Woodlands, TX.

The theory behind this is the same as when you go to a doctor to have yourself checked. You have to choose the one, which you think gives the best services in your area. The spa repair specialists in the Woodlands guarantee you superb and excellent work through their years of experience. They will only give you the best and most useful advice and charge you for a very fair price. The industry of the spa repair in the Woodlands, TX is a growing one so choosing it will never make your regret it.

Winterizing The Swimming Pool In 8 Easy Steps

Wintertime is about to come and you know what this means. You need to know the ways of winterizing your swimming pool so that you can preserve it and prevent it from incurring damages due to freezing. Doing so will not make you miss swimming much because, after all, it would be too cold to do that during this season.

If you have not tried winterizing your swimming pool yet, then you should read on and find out how you can do this and save yourself some money.

Steps In Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

  1. Test your water before closing it down. It is important to do this approximately a week before closing your pool down. Check for the water’s alkalinity that should be between 80 and 120 ppm, its Ph that should be between 7.2 and 7.6, and its calcium hardness of about 180-220 ppm.

  2. Use chlorine to shock the pool water. There may be bacteria thriving in your pool water so you need to use chlorine or its substitute like the winter algaecide. However, when using it, you should make sure that the chlorine level of the water has returned to normal.

  3. Remove the accessories from your pool. This would have to include the chemical feeders, ladder, skimmer basket, and solar blanket.

  4. Bring down the water level. Ideally, the water level should reach only below the mouth of the skimmer. This way, you are letting your winter cover become supported.

  5. Clean your swimming pool. You should do this very well by removing leaves and foreign objects floating in the water. Also, make sure to scrub and brush the walls of your pool to ensure that nothing dirty is left.

  6. Drain all the water from the filtering system, pumps, heaters, and chlorinators since leaving any amount of water in them may freeze, causing the pumps and pipes to burst and become broken.

You need to open the drains and remove the filters so you can clean them thoroughly. Then, store them in a dry place inside your house for the winter season.

  1. Cover your pool with an air pillow. The air pillow should be placed in the middle of your pool to protect the walls. Such will prevent the expansion of ice in the pool. However, larger pools may require you to put two air pillows to sufficiently cover the surface.

Swimming pools are a huge investment. That is why extra care is needed so that they will be preserved for the coming seasons.

Tips For Maintaining A Clean Swimming Pool

Cleaning and maintaining a clean swimming pool is very important not only to make the pool more appealing but also to make the pool safe for the health. Recent studies have shown that swimming pools can acquire lots of bacteria and other harmful elements when not properly and regularly cleaned.

The maintenance need of a pool varies depending on the type of swimming pool. Compared to what most people think cleaning a swimming pool is not that difficult if you have the right tools and the right techniques. If you were cleaning your own pool at your home, it would be advisable to get a maintenance service company to ensure that the proper processes are done to your pool.

However, even if you hire a regular maintenance service, you will still need to perform some basic cleaning tasks in order to maintain your clean swimming pool like removing the leaves floating on your pool, which may happen often or even everyday is your pool is surrounded or near the trees.

Before you start your cleaning task, you should first have these tools for cleaning:

  • Pool wall brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Tile brush
  • Pool skimmer
  • Telescopic pole
  • Pool vacuum or automatic pool cleaner

The first step in cleaning your pool is to skim the surface of the water to remove floating debris and leaves. If they sink, it will be harder to remove them and may also stain the bottom surface of your pool so make sure to regularly remove the floating debris and leaves before they sink.

Using the tile brush or the pumice stone, remove the scale on the water line by scrubbing the tile floor. If your pool liner is vinyl, do not use a pumice stone since it may damage the floor. Make sure also to wet the pumice stone first before scrubbing the tiled water line to avoid scratches on the tiles.

To maintain a clean swimming pool, you should also regularly empty your pump basket. After cleaning the pump basket, it is time to vacuum your pool using your automatic pool cleaner. Vacuuming your pool is like vacuuming your carpet so this is not a very difficult task to perform.

After vacuuming your pool, the next task to do is to clean the pool’s floor and sides by brushing the tiles using a poly-bristle or nylon brush. After cleaning the walls and the floor, it is now time to fill the pool with clean water.

Before enjoying your clean swimming pool, do not forget to clean all the equipment and tools you used for cleaning with clean, fresh water, and store them in a dry place away from the sun.


Increase the Fun in a Well-Kept Pool

Summer can be like living in a scorching furnace. It’s not always the heat; the humidity can drive a person half crazy as well. There are parts of the country where heat is not a seasonal occurrence but a daily fact of life and things can often get uncomfortable. It’s nice to have a concrete puddle of water, a.k.a the backyard pool, to relax in. Pools are great but they have to be maintained. The neglected swimming pool can quickly become a nuisance that grows algae and breeds mosquitoes; a definite hazard to be avoided. The proper cleaning of the pool can be a little bit daunting for the owner and that is why many turn to professional pool service to do the job.

Professional pool maintenance companies provide a number of services based on the contract. They will see to it that a proper balance of chemicals is kept in the water with just the right amount of chlorine, and the skimmer baskets are not loaded down with leaves and other natural debris. The equipment operating the pool such as the pumps play an essential part in keeping a pool from becoming stagnant. Pool service professionals will routinely check the status of the machinery to make certain that it is running smoothly.

Most of these contractors are more than willing to offer the owner additional services to keep the family pool in top swimming shape. That could include repair work on the surface and walls that develop in the ordinary life of this backyard recreation spot. The pool owner can decide that a customized contract is the best thing to do. He or she might be willing to do some of the basic services such as cleaning and chemical maintenance, while leaving the more intricate equipment upkeep to professionals who have both the equipment and the technical expertise to do it right. It isn’t really any problem to simply delegate responsibilities rather than have a full-service contract. Nevertheless, the pool owner has to maintain his or her side of the bargain. If the owner does not routinely perform self-assigned tasks, then servicing the pool can quickly turn into draining the swamp.

Pools are meant to be somewhere a person can chill after a nerve-racking day. Taking a swim in the water can be pleasant relaxing exercise and something to look forward to on daily basis. Pool service done on a scheduled basis keeps the water clean and fresh, increasing the enjoyment of a dip in the backyard watering hole.

Pool Maintenance and Health Concerns

People enjoy a dip in the pool on a hot day and splashing around is a great way to relieve all the tension and frustration of the day. Relaxing at poolside is a great outdoor activity but there is some work involved. Pools can get trashy and the water can become scummy if the owner doesn’t take care of it. Pool maintenance in the Woodlands, like everywhere else, is an ongoing activity.

This can be a DIY project or done by a company that specializes in pool maintenance. In the Woodlands, it doesn’t really matter which is used as long as the pool is in good shape. Pool water left unattended can quickly become blotted with algae growth, and a proper balance of chlorine and other chemicals is needed to keep that problem under control. The filtration system has to be checked periodically to be certain that no debris or residue is obstructing the routine purification of the water. The same is true for skimmer and strainer baskets. Pumps and motors should never be taken for granted, and repairs that have to be done should be done as quickly as possible.

Pool maintenance in the Woodlands has a particular challenge other areas of the country don’t have. The hurricane season in East Texas can cause serious branch and leaf debris problems, and a heavy downpour of water can also wreak havoc on the quality of the pool water. This means that whenever a major storm comes through, the entire pool facility has to be checked to make sure that there is no damage, or trash floating around on the surface. It may also mean that the bottom of the pool has to have an immediate vacuuming to keep the water from becoming murky.

Pool owners have to remember that sanitary conditions are extremely important and that a pool left unattended can also be a breeding ground for all types of water insects. The recreation benefits of a pool cannot be denied, but the responsibility of maintaining the pool is extremely important. A well-kept pool can improve the value of the property, but one that is unattended could cause a visit from the local health inspector.

Just remember: pool maintenance in The Woodlands does not have to be an unwanted chore. You can always call PoolTec to do the maintenance for you for a small fee at 936-321-3252. They will do a fantastic job. You’ll be able to enjoy your pool and the household chore doesn’t have to be yours!

Pool Repair: Trust Professionals to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Warm sunny days will find a lot of families crowded around their outdoor pools. It’s a place where they go to relax and enjoy the fun of being in the water. This gathering spot gets an awful lot of use and that means there can be periodic problems. Pool repair is something that is important to keep this recreation spot in the backyard function properly.

This can be as simple as upkeep of the plaster in the pool, though this will possibly mean the pool has to be drained. Small cracks are easily taken care of with caulk or some form of reliable pool patch. Fiberglass will require the use of the repair kit that can be obtained from any store that sells grain products. Fiberglass maintenance, however, is a little bit more detailed than simply covering cracks inplaster andit takes a few extra steps.

The above are easily DIY projects. A malfunctioning filtration system is a horse of a different color. Filtration is extremely important to prevent algae growth or insect breeding. A malfunctioning filter pump can cause serious problems. A simple precaution is to periodically check skimmer baskets for any sign of debris, which might restrict the flow of water through the filter and the same is true for the pump basket. The motor may have problems and depending on the complexity of a given brand, the motor may be a pool repair best done by professionals.

Pool repair activity may include giving it a fresh coat of paint. This really isn’t the kind boughtoff the shelf in a hardware store. The composition of the wrong kind of paint can cause serious imbalances in the chemicals of pool water. Indeed, a pool owner should buy such paint from a marine store or one that specializes in pool products.

As mentioned above here are certain things that can be done by the owner alone. Yet, there is an element of time involved and it might be more than just an hour on the weekends. An owner may want to consider a service contract with a professional pool maintenance company. These enterprises will help maintain the pool at usable levels, and may offer warranties and pool repair services in the contract. These will come at a cost but the expense may definitely be worth it. A backyard pool is supposed to be a place where people can relax and enjoy their leisure. If proper maintenance and repair of a pool becomes too much of a burden, then perhaps using the services of a pool maintenance company might be a very good idea.

Pool Service In The Woodlands, TX

It is easy to find quality professional pool service in The Woodlands. There are many companies that provide this service, and have been here for many years. After all, The Woodlands enjoys a longer pool season, being located in the southern portion of the country, so a pool service in The Woodlands is an ideal way to care for your pool and be able to ignore all those added hassles.

Companies that provide pool service in The Woodlands are professionals familiar with a community which depends on its swimming pools for family fun and recreation. They can provide the detailed maintenance and repair services that you require. They are known for servicing each customer as if they were the only one.

When you contact a pool service company you will be offered a contract for full or partial services. It may be either seasonal or monthly in terms. The best companies will also provide equipment repairs, vacation pool service and even warranty service, to make sure all of your needs are met.

Having a pool cleaning service is a luxury that should not be overlooked. You should not think that just because it seems to be a luxury that it is not a cost effective solution to the DIP pool maintenance option. By the time you purchase the cleaning equipment and chemicals that you need, spend your time doing all the labor, and hire other companies to complete complicated repairs….well, you haven’t saved a dime!

A pool service is definitely the way to go if you want to keep your pool in tip top shape, and be able to enjoy it any time that you feel like it. PoolTec’s pool service in The Woodlands provides excellent customer service and the knowledge to make sure that every part of your pool is in perfect condition and ready for use every single day.

Maintaining a Safe and Clean Swimming Pool

The clear water of a backyard swimming pool looks inviting in the hot summer but the owner has to beware. A pool is a large body of standing water and that is an open invitation to both insect larvae and the accumulation of algae. These are health hazards that have to be avoided at all costs because the last thing a pool owner needs is to have a guest become sick from swimming in the water.

It may seem daunting, but pool cleaning in The Woodlands area doesn’t have to be a major project. It’s more a routine of activities to keep debris from accumulating, and maintaining the water at sanitary levels. It does mean a little bit of manual labor, though. A long handled skimmer should be used to remove any leaves or twigs from the surface of the water. The pool skimmers themselves have to be periodically cleaned since debris will accumulate in them. If dirt or algae are starting to gather on the sides of the pool or on the tile surface around the pool, brushes need to be used to remove them.

Obviously, the water has to be both clear and clean to swim in. This means that the entire circulation of the pool including the pump, the filters, and other parts the circulation system have to be running smoothly and without being clogged with rubbish. The pump should be run on a daily basis to guarantee proper filtration. This means several hours of operation and the hotter the outside temperature, the longer the pump ought to be kept running. Chemicals have to be added whenever the balance of chlorine and pH are at unacceptable levels. This will mean testing a routine basis, even daily if the pool is used constantly.

A large part of pool cleaning activity is to remove any debris or dirt from the water. This is not a terrible chore as long as the cleaning work is done on a routine basis. A smart idea is to have a checklist by the pool of all things that have to be done, and a calendar that indicates when the chemicals were tested and when they were added to the water.

If the pool owner is willing to spend just a small amount to have Pool Tec maintain the backyard pool, it will be a very welcome and enjoyable relief from hot weather, as well as a safe and clean place to have fun. It will also be a lot less work and headache for the owner and they can enjoy their pool instead of having it be a place where work always needs to be done.

Rainy Weather and Pool Maintenance

Many pool owners find that after a big storm or lots of continuous rain, their pools don’t look or feel quite right. It may be greenish in color or just a complete mess. That’s probably because it takes some work to restore a pool water back to the balance it was in before all of the saturation the rain caused. So what are some of the main steps involved in getting the water back to where it’s safe to swim in and looks beautiful?

First of all, you need to remove all of the debris the storm and/or rainwater may have brought into your outdoor oasis. This may include skimming the pool using proper tools yourself and using the electronic skimmer. You will probably need to clean the electronic skimmer a few times in this process if the weather’s been rough.

Secondly, you’ll need to clean the pool filter. If there’s been a large storm, there’s no telling what all could be in there. Most likely, it needs to be cleaned.

Now it’s time to test the pH level. As stated before on this blog, the perfect pH for your pool’s water is 7.2. If it’s too high, you need to add acids very carefully. These can include dry acid or liquid hydrochloric acid. If it is below, you need to use an alkali such as soda ash. Always make sure no one is in the pool while you add chemicals of any kind. At least a few hours should pass before you let anyone swim in the pool, even for regular maintenance. After you adjust the pH level, you may also need to add algaecide or chlorine shock product. Leave all of these chemicals in your pool to work overnight.

The next day you’ll probably notice sediment at the bottom of the pool. Skim the pool to clean this out. Check the ph level and if it’s in an acceptable range of the 7.2 ideal, you and your family are free to enjoy the pool again!

Obviously, there are many specifics and a lot of legwork involved in this process. If you’d like to have more time to spend doing things other than pool maintenance, call Pool Tec at (936) 321-3252.