Pool Maintenance and Health Concerns

People enjoy a dip in the pool on a hot day and splashing around is a great way to relieve all the tension and frustration of the day. Relaxing at poolside is a great outdoor activity but there is some work involved. Pools can get trashy and the water can become scummy if the owner doesn’t take care of it. Pool maintenance in the Woodlands, like everywhere else, is an ongoing activity.

This can be a DIY project or done by a company that specializes in pool maintenance. In the Woodlands, it doesn’t really matter which is used as long as the pool is in good shape. Pool water left unattended can quickly become blotted with algae growth, and a proper balance of chlorine and other chemicals is needed to keep that problem under control. The filtration system has to be checked periodically to be certain that no debris or residue is obstructing the routine purification of the water. The same is true for skimmer and strainer baskets. Pumps and motors should never be taken for granted, and repairs that have to be done should be done as quickly as possible.

Pool maintenance in the Woodlands has a particular challenge other areas of the country don’t have. The hurricane season in East Texas can cause serious branch and leaf debris problems, and a heavy downpour of water can also wreak havoc on the quality of the pool water. This means that whenever a major storm comes through, the entire pool facility has to be checked to make sure that there is no damage, or trash floating around on the surface. It may also mean that the bottom of the pool has to have an immediate vacuuming to keep the water from becoming murky.

Pool owners have to remember that sanitary conditions are extremely important and that a pool left unattended can also be a breeding ground for all types of water insects. The recreation benefits of a pool cannot be denied, but the responsibility of maintaining the pool is extremely important. A well-kept pool can improve the value of the property, but one that is unattended could cause a visit from the local health inspector.

Just remember: pool maintenance in The Woodlands does not have to be an unwanted chore. You can always call PoolTec to do the maintenance for you for a small fee at 936-321-3252. They will do a fantastic job. You’ll be able to enjoy your pool and the household chore doesn’t have to be yours!

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